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Monique Dovecage Image

Monique Dovecage
Bass Preamplifier in classic round top metal version.

Monique Bamboo Image

Monique Bamboo
Bass Preamplifier - Hand made Bamboo Cabinet. Blonde, Chocolate, or Black

Monique Rack Mount Image

Monique Rack Mount
Sturdy, road worthy bass luscious-ness

Desktop "Tardis" Monique Image

Desktop "Tardis" Monique
Lightwieght aluminum chassis.

Black Beauty Kit Image

Black Beauty Kit
Upgrade Dovecage to Black Bamboo

M700 Bass Amp Image

M700 Bass Amp
Stand-Alone 700 Watt Bass Amplifier weighs 7 pounds.

M2500 Bass Amp Image

M2500 Bass Amp
Big Sister to the M700. A true 2500 watt Amp in the same M700 enclosure

700 Watt Rack Monique Image

700 Watt Rack Monique
18 pound 700 watt Monique

700 Watt Tardis Monique Image

700 Watt Tardis Monique
14 pound combination of Monique and a custom built 700 watt class D Amp.

Dove Cage Bag Image

Dove Cage Bag
Dove Cage bag, custom made, with large front pouch.

Road Case for Dove Cage Image

Road Case for Dove Cage
Road case for the steel Monique Dove Cage.

Combo Bag Image

Combo Bag
Dove Cage and M700/M2500 bag.

M700 M2500 Bag Image

M700 M2500 Bag
Gig bag for M700 or M2500

Sweet Sue 5 Watt Image

Sweet Sue 5 Watt
Awesome in so many ways at 5 watts.

Sweet Sue Head Image

Sweet Sue Head
Sue in a lightweight head package. Hand built on demand.

Paycheck 15 Watt Image

Paycheck 15 Watt
Amazing - Versatile

Paycheck 40 Watt Image

Paycheck 40 Watt
Big Power - Big Tone

Brenda K. Combo Image

Brenda K. Combo
12 Watts of gorgeous tone.

Brenda K. Head Image

Brenda K. Head
Head only 12 Watt Amp

Praxis 100 Watt Image

Praxis 100 Watt
100 Watts of Class A all tube awesome.

Santa Cruz Reverb Image

Santa Cruz Reverb
All tube old school 17" reverb tank with gorgeous tone.