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Simone Orders: Please DO NOT order Simone and pay. There is a three to four months waiting list for Simone. Please contact us for a confirmed ship date. We will ask for your payment when we know your ship date.

California Customers:
Directly above the credit card symbols you will see a "Shipping Destination" pull-down. If we are to ship to you in California you must choose CALIFORNIA as a shipping destination. You will find "California" near the bottom of the pull-down. California Sales Tax will be applied.

International customers: The shipping costs shown on the Shop are for U.S. customers only. We are proud that we ship all around the world. International shipping charges vary greatly from country to country. We will confirm shipping costs for you (International Customers) in advance. We will need your shipping address to confirm that cost. You can call us at 661 428 9394. You can also email

International Customers: We occasionally receive requests from our valued international customers to send products as gifts or to declare the customs value very low. We know taxes and customs are high, but we regret we can not accommodate these requests.

FEDEX is our standard US shipper. We are glad to ship other methods in the US at your request, but you must contact us so we can determine the additional costs required to meet your needs.

Warranty - All Jule Amps products have the same warranty. We will repair or replace your Jule Amps product for one year from the date of purchase. If you decide your Jule Amps product does not meet your needs, and it is not physically damaged, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. You pay the shipping costs back to us.

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