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Please check with us via email (jule@juleamps.com) or call to verify delivery. All Guitar Amps are special order. Wait times are often 6 weeks out.

Sweet Sue is all the guitar amplifier you will ever need for recording and small venues.

She is light and small, and easy to carry. The chassis is 10 inches wide and the handles stick out another 3/4". She is about 9 inches tall.

One bit of a warning is that Sue is very loud. This is a Single Ended Class A amplifier with a massive power supply. Some have compared her output power to that of 15 watt amps of lesser lineage. She drives a Marshall 4x12 stack quite nicely.

The gain and volume of Sue is primarily controlled by the one "Volume" knob. Think of her as a sweet sounding "Champ" on steriods. You have perfect cleans and you have massive multi-harmonic overdrive all in one control.

The "Boost" switch controls the gain of the 6V6 output tube. The "Bright" switch is a three position switch that does the same thing for the 6SL7 preamp tube. Between the "Volume," the "Boost," and the "Bright" switch there are an astounding variety of quality tones.

The effects loop in Sweet Sue is specifically feature filled to give added dimension for your recordings and performances. It has mix/series and db pad switches to help you get any effect working perfectly. Of course the Send and the Return are fully buffered and fully adjustable.

If you want a truly hand made (in Santa Cruz, California USA) guitar amplifier that will always make you happy, get Sue. She is of course ready for International Voltages.

Please call 661 428 9394 us or email us here: Monique in Metal delivery date. for a confirmed delivery date for your Sweet Sue Head.

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