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This is 700 Watts of pure Bass Power.

The M700 is the perfect companion for Monique due to its ability to immediately give you the response and note definition that Monique is famous for delivering.

There is no Class D Amplifier like the Hypex Amplifier when we are looking for outstanding response from the highest to the lowest notes you choose to play. There is also no amplifier that delivers the power you want like the M700. You will find notes and you will find new places to play, not only in the middle ranges where the speed of this amplifier shines, but also at the top and the bottom of your tone range.

Much of the power delivery of the M700 is related to the over-built power supply that keeps the amplifier going. This power supply is optimized for 4 ohms, but it will deliver 1200 watts for relative short sessions into 2 ohms. All that means that you will never run out of power no matter how low that top string is.

The chassis measures 12" x 12" and is 4.5" tall including the feet. It weighs one pound for every hundred watts it delivers. 7 pounds.

The chassis is made of all aluminum so that it is a very effecient heat sink. You will not overheat this amplifier.

There is no quieter 700 watt amplifier anywhere. No hiss. No noise. Not until you want to make your music.

Please understand that the M700 truly delivers 700 watts of power. If you hope to use a cabinet that only handles 700 watts for short durations, it is going to be up to you to either keep the volume within the range of your cabinet, of face the real possibility of cooking your speakers.

The very short dimples on the top of the M700 chassis fit perfectly with the feet of the Dove Cage Monique. The Bamboo Moniques also fit beautifully outside those dimples.

Your Price:$1,575.00