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This is the drop dead gorgeous version of the Monique Bass Preamplifier - DI - Equalizer. All tube and truly all love.

Each Bamboo enclosure is hand made here in Santa Cruz. Even the finish (hand rubbed polyurethane) is applied by hand, coat after coat until it is right. Typically that is ten coats of finish.

The standard Bamboo color is Blonde. You can also special order the Chocolate or Black Beauty versions.

Monique is hand wired point-to-point. With the adjustable Sensitivity control you can dial in everything from pristine clean to round and wonderful grind for both active and passive pickups.

The Equalizer is of course, a baxandall, non-interactive 6SL7 driven three stage piece of electronic love.

Monique has two separate outputs, a 1/4" Line out (adjustable) and a wonderful balanced XLR output (adjustable) that is driven with a gorgeous sounding Cinemag transformer.

The shock mounted preamp and equalizer tubes are 6SL7 octal tubes for wonderfully rich, accurate tones. Monique has a tube rectifier and a choke regulated power supply. Even the DC filament supply is choke regulated.

There is no tube preamplifier anywhere with a lower noise floor. Monique is great in the studio and on stage.

Please call 661 428 9394 or email us here Monique in Bamboo delivery date. for a confirmed delivery date to receive your Monique.

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