The Sweet Sue 5 Watt Class A Guitar Amplifier

Sweet Sue is dedicated to the power and beauty of all those sweet Sue's, and to one in particular.

The Sweet Sue is our lowest wattage offering. It may also be our most powerful amplifier in the hands of many of our players.

Sweet Sue Head in the Dovecage

We are now shipping the Sweet Sue in the lightweight, very sturdy "Dovecage" head package shown above. There are more details in the Jule Amps Shop.This is the exact same Sweet Sue, in a small, economical, road worthy package.

Sweet Sue in Bamboo at Sundown on Seabright Beach Our goal for Sweet Sue was to create an amplifier with the sweetness and power of the antique Gibson Hawk amplifiers, and the versatility of the early Champs. Sweet Sue does all this with up-to-date features like a fully buffered effects loop to make the amp powerful in the studio and on stage.

Sweet Sue is "Without a doubt one of the best recording amps I have ever heard." says Ronan Chris Murphy (Producer/Mixer: Steve Morse, King Crimson, Steve Stevens. . .) of Veneto West Studios. Here is a Sweet Sue video kindly provided by Stosh Jarecki of Rotary Films.

Sweet Sue at 5 watts puts out enough sound pressure for live performances at small venues. We're talking about the venues where the owner may make more money selling wine and coffee than bourbon and beer. The Sweet Sue comes with a vintage alnico 10" speaker. This speaker is highly reactive and very much compliant with your guitar and your "touch."

The Sweet Sue has clean, rich (full of harmonics) headroom up to about 5 or 6. From there on, you are beginning to hear a saturated Single Ended 6V6 tube/output transformer combination. This is a very loud 5 watt guitar amplifier. The variety of sounds that come from the minimalist controls of the Sweet Sue is amazing.

To see the rear controls hold your mouse on the picture above. With the effects loop you have full control over input and output levels, as well as the ability to record your guitar sound mixed in the amp or totally outside. The effects loop also lets you choose between line level or guitar level effects. We believe it is the most versatile and transparent all-tube effects loop available anywhere.

Sweet Sue in Bamboo at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz CA

The Sweet Sue is a small, powerful package. It is 19 inches tall and 12 inches wide. It's only 7 inches deep. She weighs in at 27 pounds. The cabinet shown is of laminated Bamboo. Very sturdy, and very beautiful. We of course can still use other woods. The advantage of Bamboo, in addition to its beauty and hardiness is that it is entirely renewable. You can see larger pictures by clicking on the cabinets shown.

Sweet Sue is a Single Ended, tube rectified (EZ81), choke regulated guitar amplifier. She is entirely hand made. All the wiring is point to point. The preamp tube is an octal 6SL7, and the EQ/effects loop driver is a 12AX7. The output tube is of course the venerable, very smooth 6V6.

Pricing is here.

If you want a guitar amp that simply makes you happy to keep playing, if you are into quality tone and reliable performance, get yourself a Sweet Sue.