JuleAmps for Bass

We build pre-amplifiers and high power amplifiers for Bass. 


Portable Bass Products

Simone For Bass

Simone in the studio

Simone is about keeping your sound with you no matter where you find yourself. Small enough to fit in a backpack. Four tubes (valves) let you choose your tone and playing characteristics. The DI output uses the same Cinemag transformer used in the Monique. 

Simone Preamp

Simone on the floor

Simone is 7" (18.5cm) wide, 4 1/2" (11.5cm) deep, and 3 3/4" (8.5cm) tall. She weighs 3 pounds (1.4K). Ready to drive your amplifier from the front input or the aux in output. It doesn't get much easier. 

Simone 500 watts

500 Watts on the pedal board

The Simone 500 watt bass amp is designed to give us a true 500 watts into 4 ohms. You have 2 Powercon Speaker outputs in parallel. Optimized for 4 ohms, the Simone 500  is comfortable at 2 ohms and 8 ohms. No fan is required due to the all-aluminum chassis design. 

Classic Preamps

Hand made bamboo enclosure for Monique

Monique in Bamboo

The electronics, the sound, is exactly the same as the Dove Cage. The only difference is the enclosure. This Bamboo (wonderfully renewable wood) is hand made and it is hand finished by Jule!

Dove Cage - Gorgeous sound

Dove Cage Monique

First in the Monique product tree. Smooth powerful all tube bass cuts through the mix like you (and your engineer) won't believe.
On stage or in the studio, Monique will make you smile!

700 Watt Monique

Rack Mount Monique

Nothing different between any of the Moniques. This Rack Mount version is for those still loading gear in and out of the van, or maybe just to fit beautifully in the studio.

Bass Amps & Combos

M Series Amps

M Series Bass Amps

This standalone series of Bass Amps is powerful and simple. You have a volume control, a standby, and a power switch. Choose from 500, 700 or 2500 watts optimized into 4 ohms. On the back, you have 2 Speakon Combo jacks, so you can choose which output cable works best for you. 

S Series Amps

S Series Bass Amps

The S 500 is very sturdy. Built for the portable pedal world, it has 2 Speakon Combo jacks on the back. The footswitches are Mute and Power. 

Combo Monique & Rack 700 watt amp

Combo Bass Amps

This 2U all steel enclosure has both a complete Monique and a Hypex 700 watt Bass Amp built in. For the road warrior and for the studio world, the Rack Mount Monique 700 will do the job. 

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Yes. You can believe what you hear

Jule Amps is a small shop based in Santa Cruz, California. We create sound you will love. 


Audience size

Your audience can be millions, thousands, or nobody but you. We will always bring you gorgeous sound and inspiring playing characteristics.   


All we do is bass

The man with his hand on Monique is Darryl Anders. His band is AgapeSoul. Beautiful player to experience, and a great man. He has helped me understand what great Bass is, for which I will always be grateful.  The gray beard is Jule.

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