Simone in the Studio

Simone on stage and in the studio

Simone is about keeping your sound, your music, with you wherever you go. No compromise. Toss Simone in your backpack and be ready when you hit the ground. Check out the Simone video by Hondo Felder Music. Samples by Jahmal Nichols are below. 

Ready for the stage in seconds

The rich, articulate tone of this all tube bass preamplifier is ready whenever and wherever you are. Sit Simone on the floor, plug her in (with the provided power supply). Hook up to your amp (or the PA) and start playing. You have a 3 band Active EQ, a Drive Circuit, and the Sensitivity and Boost of the original Monique. 

Studio magic

You keep full control of your sound going to the console. Simone uses the same Cinemag DI output transformer as the original Monique. Plug the snake in and watch the magician behind the console be amazed. 

Thank you to Jahmal Nichols for these Simone samples

Simone 500

All the clarity, speed and touch of larger Jule Amps in an enclosure for the pedal board.

No Compromise

Nothing was lost in the effort to present a small and light 500 watt bass amp. This is a Hypex Amp module just like all the other Jule Amps.

Pedal Board Friendly

The enclosure is made of 1/8" solid aluminum. The entire enclosure is a heat sink so you don't need a fan. It is 7.5" x 7.5" 2.5" tall. It weighs 3 pounds. 

Versatility and Power

On the back you have 2 Combo Speakons in parallel optimized for 4 ohms. The Simone 500 runs well at 2 and 8 ohms if that is what you have. 


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