Simone 500 watt amp

Powerful Bass Amplification your way.

We build Bass Amps with power from 500 watts to 2500 watts. The Simone 500 is made to be portable. It fits easily in your backpack. For the Rack Mount enclosure, the standard amp is the 700 watt amp. We also build 500 watt and 2500 watt stand alone versions.

Pedal Board ready for the stage in seconds

The entire Simone 500 enclosure is thick aluminum, cool running and physically very strong. It is truly a piece of gear you can take with you anywhere. The Simone 500 takes up a 7 1/4" by 7 1/4" square of space on your pedal board and it is about 2.5" tall. 

Studio magic

500 watts is plenty for a most studio environments, and the Simone 500 brings the clarity, the articulation that you must have - your sound to the mix.

M Series Amplifiers

M Series from 500 to 2500 watts

The M Series gives you clean power in a small, light chassis. It is only 12x8x3 for the 500 and 700 watt amps. The M 2500 watt amp comes in a 12x12x3 chassis.  Designed to sit on top of cabinets or in the studio.

Tardis 700 watt

Desktop Power

For some of us, a desktop, or cabinet top amp works best. This is, like the Rack Mount, a complete Monique built in one enclosure with a 700 watt amp. 


Rack Mount Power

When it gets rough on the road, or you just need the space in the studio, the Rack Mount 700 watt has a complete Monique built in, and a beautiful 700 watt bass amp. 

Simone 500 watt amp

Simone 500 watt

There is not a more solidly built bass amplifier. Small enough to fit in your backpack but still plenty of power. The Simone 500 watt amp is ready when you are.

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